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2 Baths Worth! 


WHY LEG DAY? Because most of us can only fit our legs in the tub. Good
point huh? The real reason is because Leg Day demands everything from
you to truly grow all those different muscles—
from calves to quads to
hamstrings, and everything in between. A workout like that requires special
attention and care to recover quickly and prevent painful DOMS. Sore and
stiff legs from severe lactic acid build up is no fun. My Leg Day Bath Bomb
Powder helps flush out lactic acid build up to reduce muscle soreness
and pain all while accelerating the healing process. The added rose oil is a
phenomenal ingredient used in aromatherapy to raise libido levels in both
men and women. Lavender oil has been added to calm and relax you, and
to help you get a good night’s rest while reducing muscle spasms from
vigorous training.
Ӡ РTim Muriello

Leg Day Bath Bomb Powder

SKU: 040232667756
  • Fill tub to desired level and set to desired temperature.

    Add 1/2 (4.5 ounces) of package
    contents to center of bath. Bath tub may be slippery; take care when entering and exiting.