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Extra Delicious with Extra Caffeine!

We know that there is nothing like an insanely delicious cup of coffee right when you need it. We also know you need your major fix of caffeine in a big way. Whatever time of day you choose, even before working out, you can always count on Spazmatic Coffee to deliver gourmet taste with the extra jump start you are looking for. Our very special blend of particular roasts and South and Central Amercain beans give you much more caffeine; couple that with an amazing smooth and delectable taste, and you my friends have one perfect cup of coffee. 


People who drink this coffee says it's "hearty" and seems to fill a gap in their heart they didn't know they had. It just fills the cracks of the soul. It is then when you realize how bad you need this coffee in your life.


This is not 'watery' and 'thin' like tea; the flavor is so apparent and welcoming - that it holds a warm-bodied taste that leaves you fully satisfied but yet very passionately needing another cup.


The gourmet, select, top-shelf, and premium bean selection coupled with a particular roast offers you a dose of caffeine much and substantially higher than standard coffee.

This highly addictive blend is a 50/50 South American Arabica/ Central American Robusta creation; a smooth and non-bitter Extra Dark Roast (French). Tasting notes are Blackberry, semi-sweet chocolate, and anise that pairs well with many scenarios.

Full Bodied, Smooth, and with a Sweet Finish.

For the sincere and avid coffee connoisseurs and critics looking for a fine brew to the every day coffee drinkers looking for a mean, fiery, and hearty cup of Joe to kick start their day or workout; this is your new coffee- Spazmatic High Caffeine Coffee.


12 Ounce Bags - Pre-Ground




Spazmatic High Caffeine Gourmet Ground Coffee

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  • 1. Use 1 rounded tablespoon per 6  ounces of water. 

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